Monday, December 28, 2009

2010, the year of Drain

I'm gearing up for the release of my novel Drain, from Northwestern U Press in June 2010 and promise, as I do every year, to make this blog a more regularly updated locale.


So, I guess this is a resolution of sorts.


In the meantime, if you don't already know the super-cool site Sidebrow, it's time to get acquainted. Last spring, I taught a grad seminar on Collaborations as University of Illinois-Chicago, and curated a set of submissions for Sidebrow, under the theme of the "annual"—things that happen every year or once a year: exams, taxes, flowers, etc.

The journal took two pieces, mine—"Once a Year and Never Again," which included cut-up lines from the collaborative work of my students, and, a yet-to-be-posted piece by two talented UIC writers, Megan Milks and Andy Farkas.


I'll ask my students at Lake Forest College during spring 2010 to produce a new set of texts for submission, and we shall see what happens. Maybe the annual submission will become an annual tradition.


Have an idea for a piece? Get in touch with me by April 2010.



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mildred pierce said...

hi davis! our pieces did get posted on sidebrow: and . i'd be up for more sidebrow collaborations... will try to crank out an idea or two.