Sunday, December 28, 2008

Memorials to Future Catastrophes

It's out, finally, Don Meyer and my audiocollage CD: Memorials to Future Catastrophes, from Jaded Ibis Productions.

Here's the description:

Davis Schneiderman's and Don Meyer's extraordinary CD is the first phase of a multimedia collaboration that suggests catastrophes in a world increasingly cordoned off by the representative fears of terrorism, bio-disease outbreaks, and natural disasters.

Check out the track, Watermelon Man (Looped Version), at Mad Hatters' Review.

You can buy the disc at all the usual online places, including CD Baby, but if you email me at dschneiderman at, and cover shipping, I'll send you one for free while supplies last.

More soon, hopefully, about this and other collabs.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Ann said...

I enjoyed listening to Watermelon Man, in particular because of the Bill O'Reilly clips/quips.

Well done. I will be following this blog!

-Liz B.