Friday, April 2, 2010

AWP: Here, There, Everysquare

Davis Schneiderman will be doing too much at AWP. Hope to see you--unless you are that one person who keeps annoying the piss out of me.


*Staffing the Starcherone Books table in support of advance printing of Raymond Federman’s SHHH: The Story of A Childhood.

Thursday, April 8:
*R145. Ellipsis as Art: Crafting Omission of Information in a Text. 10:30-11:45, Hyatt Regency, Granite Room

*R165. Shifting Grounds of Copyright: A How-to. Noon-1:15, Hyatt Regency, Agate Room.

*Northwestern University Press / &NOW BOOKS / Artifice Reading: 7pm-whenever
The Celtic Tavern, 1801 Blake Street

Northwestern University Press (7pm ish)
Indigo Moor (Cave Canem Northwestern University Press Prize winner)
Jehanne Dubrow
Aracelis Girmay
Davis Schneiderman

&NOW BOOKS (9pm ish)

Teresa Carmody
Blake Butler
Gretchen E. Henderson
Davis Schneiderman (reading Raymond Federman, from SHHH: The Story of A Childhood)
Mark Spitzer
Gina Frangello
Christian Bök
Jeffrey DeShell
Lance Olsen

Artifice Magazine (10 pm ish)

Neil de la Flor

Maureen Seaton

Andrew Farkas,

David Welch

Friday, April 9:

*Table X (for Sidebrow), sometime in mid-afternoon: 1-3 ish.

*A Reading: Switchback Books, Coconut, Tarpaulin Sky, and Artifice Magazine, 7:30 PM
Delaneys Bar, 1801 Blake Street*
Readings by: Kimiko Hahn, Simone Muench, Monica de la Torre, Bruce Covey, Kathleen Rooney, Gina Myers, Davis Schneiderman, Marisa Crawford, Kim Gek Lin Short, Andrew Farkas, Shelly Taylor, David Welch, Jen Tynes, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Amber Nelson

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