Monday, March 1, 2010

A Smashing Evening: Artifice Release Party

This past Saturday was the Artifice Issue 1 release party in Chicago, and it was a blast.

Kathleen Rooney posted a nice roundup on her blog, so I won't rehash it here.

Rather, here's some photos of Kelly Haramis and me, reading our collaborative story "Backatcha," which culminated in our, ahem, dismantling of a VCR--which played the role of a robot from the future in our story.

All photos courtesy of master photographer Jacob Knabb.

Kelly and I commit lover's suicide onstage--pinning death notices to our shirts in a subversion of the event's party game. Many others later told me we had inspired them to take the same easy way end. Guess they never saw It's a Wonderful Life.

Kelly belts it out, and the back of our VCR robot displays the crucial acronym "YWYCFM"--You wish you could F*** me!

Take that!

And that!

Ah, ennui, after the deed is done.

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